So, what is

Over time the various members of Sempai became so involved in so many projects, groups and activities within both otakudom and computer geekdom that some of us decided to finally combine these two worlds into one online home. is our domain. With it, we host resources and accounts for Sempai members, and through it, we interact as a group with the rest of the online community.

As otakudom has changed, the once-mandatory social-networking aspect of our fandom has faded. The modern American otaku can find most of what they want at the store down the street and the rest online. Within this drastically altered environment, has allowed many of us who came to know each other back then to maintain some portion of our group identity and continue our friendships and correspondences over increasing time and distance.

(And you Sempai out there who have fallen out of touch, drop us an email sometime. Sure life is totally different now, and we're all different people. Duh. But it was real and we were there. We're all still alive and kicking. We'll remember, and it'll be fun.) is a private domain, and does not provide public accounts. We are not in business and do not provide ISP services. Individual Sempai members may allow a friend to use some portion of their personal share of server resources if they wish to, but, as a group, we just don't do that.

We are not a commercial entity. This domain exists to provide various online resources to Sempai members, as a sort of private playground, and to serve as our group's primary point of presence on the internet.