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Catnip has been an anime fan for some time. He has taken his friend Tonbo under his wing, and begun to teach him the ways of otakudom. He gets most of his anime from Kevin.
Catnip's First Appearance

Tonbo is a naive but sincere young man, whose otaku friend, Catnip, introduces him to the world of anime fandom.
Tonbo's First Appearance

Tonbo's Mother  
Tonbo's Mother let him come over and watch anime on her VCR, before he got one of his own. While watching anime with Tonbo, she took a liking to Maison Ikkoku.
Mom's First Appearance

Husband to Bel and friend of Catnip, Kei has recently been introduced to Tonbo. He and Bel are more familiar than Tonbo with anime, although they are still learning.
Kei's First Appearance

Wife to Kei and friend of Catnip, Bel and Kei get most of their anime from Catnip, just like Tonbo.
Bel's First Appearance

The main supplier of the group's anime, Kevin heads the Video Staff for a couple of local anime and general conventions.
Kevin's First Appearance

Kitsune is an old friend of Kevin. They share their tape collections extensively with each other and Pat-o-chan, so that, as they see it, they can all serve as each other's emergency backup collections, should anything unforeseen happen.
Kitsune's First Appearance

Pat-o-chan is an old friend of Kitsune and Kevin, like the former, he lives out of town from the rest of the group, and only comes in for special events.
Pat's Old Look  
(Patochan used to look like this, but he didn't like his character design, so Tonbo changed it.)
Pat-o-chan's First Appearance

Tonbo, Catnip and now Bel have some friends in common, which they have invited to join the gang on Friday nights. Ro is the first to take them up on it.
Ro's First Appearance

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