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Ah! My Goddess! Bel Fri, Dec 3 '99
Akira Tonbo Fri, Jan 22, '00
Hokuto No Ken Kitsune & Pat-o-chan Fri, Jan 7 '00
Maison Ikkoku Tonbo Fri, Nov 5 '99
Nadia Jean Sun, Nov 28 '99
Ranma 1/2 Catnip Fri, Jan 14 '99
Red Hood Cha Cha Catnip & Tonbo Fri, Mar 17 '00
Tenchi Muyo Catnip & Tonbo Fri, Nov 12 '99
Tenchi Muyo Catnip & Tonbo Sun, Nov 14 '99
Tenchi Muyo Kevin Fri, Nov 19 '99

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