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I've Moved
Konnichiwa Mina-san!
I said I would be back in 2 weeks & didn't keep my word. Apologies to all who had seizures or hallucinated during withdrawal. I enjoyed all those screams of agony in my emails. I especially liked the one asking where I lived, so he could come help me move to speed things up.
Just so all of you on the web will know what kind of people those in Sempai really are, I'll tell you they outnumbered the rest of the world in pestering & badgering me to start up again by a ratio of more than 10 to 1 !! Such support! O_o
Jean even began a "hostage crisis" style day count: Day 1 ... Day 2 ... Day 3 ... Yeesh! Aa-ah, as one of them wrote me a while back, "The best way to know how much something is liked is to wait until it breaks & listen to the protests". Thanks to all who protested.
A month ago, my car died. It has taken all this time for the dealership to find the exact replacement I was looking for (I was picky). I made several trips to the dealership to work things out. Then, after I got it, I had to take it back for the modifications & additions I wanted. Looking back, that whole process also took up quite some amount of my time these last few weeks. But, I now have wheels again. I've also finished my moving, & even made headway unpacking, though I need more shelves for tapes. ^_^
All of this is to say, "I'm back". Tomorrow, I'm going to do a monologue. Then Sunday, pt. 2 of Pat's Frequently Asked Questions. Monday, the strip will return to its (ab?)normal format. Thanks for your patience.

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