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Kestrel Comments
Konnichiwa! Kestrel desu. Tonbo wa sick desu. And I guess I'll switch to English now, considering I've used up the majority of my Japanese. ^_^
So, Project A-Kon is over and I am considerably poorer thanks to 3 trips through the Dealer's Room. But it was a lot of fun, as always. I still haven't made it to an actual Cosplay (where people dressed up as anime characters and put on skits) yet, but the ones I saw wandering around the halls were very impressive. My favorite was Vash from Trigun, although the 5 foot plush Totoro was defineately worth a hug. Akemi Takada was nice enough to autograph my Patlabor art book. The room premiering the Utena movie was packed before it started. My guest Dr. Susan Napier had a great panel with Helen McCarthy. The Chili's at the airport has good (cheaper than the hotel) food and a friendly waitstaff that didn't mind people walking in dressed as a Rose Bride or Vampire. Tonbo and I were on a music video panel led by Catnip, and Kevin smiled. Thanks to everyone who was on staff and to everyone that attended (some 3800 of you).

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