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Pat-o-chan Shares
First, thanks to Tonbo for the space. Second, apologies for breaking the mood. I don't think it really conveys the emotion I'm feeling, but I think it at least points in the right direction.
Early this week a friend of mine died, and I've been in a state of shock. This is the first time I've had a friend die. Somehow, it feels different from when I lost my Grandmother late last year. Also, he died of a heart attack and he was only about ten years older than me. Even though I'm now thirty, I'd never really lost that feeling of immortality that comes with being a teenager. That feeling is being shaken now.
Andre "Rusty" Treybig owned "Mad Hatter Comics" in Brenham, Texas. I was in his shop at least once a week for the past 4 1/2 years, checking out the comics and generally wasting time. Rusty and a few other regulars in the shop made up almost all of the people I know outside of work in my immediate area. I'm not a person who socializes easily, so Rusty , with his outgoing manner, did a lot to keep me from feeling isolated. I'm starting to realize just how large a void his passing is going to leave in my life. I'm also feeling guilty that I didn't even think about it while he was alive.
Pat Havran 
a.k.a. Patochan

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