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Tonbo Talks
Wow! I feel like I'm just getting my breath back! It's been quite the roller-coaster ... very sad, very down ... very happy, very up ... with lots of surprises and curves to throw me around.
It was sad to lose my last Grandparent. It is the way of life that we all grow and someday become ourselves the oldest generations, but I don't think I was ready to take that step yet. (Can we ever be? I don't know.) I never knew my Great-Grandparents; I never experienced what it is to be the fourth generation. I have spent my life being one of the thirds. Over the years, I lost each Grandparent, and now the last is gone, my parents become the first generation and my siblings and I become the second.
It's scary.
Anyway, A-Kon was fun. I have a new respect for everyone who has worked so hard for over eleven years to make it what it is today. I appreciate being allowed to be a part of it for the last five years, and I appreciate being allowed to take a bigger part this year and in the future.
So, I'm back. No, really.
And I'll get started on the comic again, even. (Remember back when there used to be a comic here? ^_^;) Thanks for all your patience, and a very special thanks to everyone who emailed me with words of condolence and support. That means a lot!

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