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And then what really happened ...

... is that I went on a hiatus for about three months.

Gomenasai. I really didn't expect to do that. I guess I didn't realize how worn out I was, but once I was away from the strip, I just didn't want to come back to it. And then I got so busy with so many other things in Real Life™ that I found myself just putting it off and putting it off and putting it off ...

Boy, that sure was nice.

It's not that I don't enjoy the strip, I do. But, it really was nice to take a break.

It's funny, but I could feel the urge to get busy on it again slowly building in me over the past month. Something funny would happen with my friends and I would think, "That would make a good comic strip." My thoughts kept returning ever more frequently to how I could frame something, how I could word something or how I could draw something. I knew I would have to get back to work soon.

So, I more or less am. I make no promises about frequency. I don't intend to hold myself to a daily schedule. I may just do a few strips on the weekends and post them each following week, and however many I get done that weekend, that's how many there will be that week. I don't know. But, I will be back in action again.

Sorry it took so long.

Thanks for waiting.


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